Thursday, February 9, 2017

I've Sold Velo Orange

By Chris
I wanted to announce that I've just sold Velo Orange. 

The new owners, Adrian and Igor, are longtime employees. Rest assured that the company is in good hands. In fact, except for myself and Annette, the staff remains intact.

I also wanted to share some of my reasons for selling VO:

One of the main reasons I'm selling is that I had this little epiphany when I was diagnosed with cancer a couple of years ago. I underwent surgery, chemo, and radiation.  (There is no sign of the cancer returning and the odds are that it won't. But there's still a fair chance that it could.) That experience brought home something I already knew. I no longer want to be a businessman; it's time for new adventures.

Velo Orange has always been and remains a very successful and profitable enterprise. It's a company that I'm proud of. It's also a company that I enjoyed building and growing, very much so. I also enjoyed hanging with the VO staff, who are the best group of folks I've ever worked with. But running a company, I didn't enjoy that so much.

I'm also selling because I like being retired. I know this because I first retired when I was 41 years old, after starting and selling Chesapeake Light Craft. I launched VO, six years later. The plan was for a little part time gig based on importing a few odd bike bits from Europe and Japan. It was my retirement hobby, one that I hoped might turn a small profit. Such are the best laid plans... Anyway I've just turned 59 and now I really am retired. Really. Though I do have this one idea...

Our plans include lots of travel (I'm building-out a camper van), catching up on a lot of reading, fly fishing, visiting friends all over the country, and maybe getting involved in local politics. I'll write more about this, and about business and the bike industry later on this blog should anyone care. You can also follow me on Instagram and on Twitter.

Enough rambling; thanks for your support over the years and for making VO what it is. And best of luck to Adrian and Igor.


  1. Congratulations Chris! It's always been a complete joy working with your company/staff.

    -Yellow Haus Bicycles

  2. Congrats on the (2nd) retirement! Hope you enjoy the van life. I have the van but no time to use it unfortunately. Some day.

  3. Congrats Chris! Best wishes on whatever comes next. You've done a great job with Velo Orange!


  4. Thanks all. Rltilley, that's a fantastic van; I'll post photos of mine soon.

  5. Congrats Chris. Both businesses you started I deal with on a regular basis. Go catch some trout!

  6. It's so great to read an industry story where everyone does a win-win! Best wishes to all and say hi if you ever roll through Philly. mcget / trophy bikes phl

    your products are great designs and really hit a note with our staffers here....

  7. It's all sounds great... except I would skip the "get in involved in local politics". Bureaucracy is not for the entrepreneurial types! It quietly kills you! My 8 years as a Planning Commissioner here in SLO was pretty brutal after retiring from by brand. Lay down until the feeling passes!